EO Poland Ukraine Fund

Providing relief to Ukrainian
people and businesses in
the Ukraine and Poland.


The EO Poland fund is an entrepreneur-driven relief effort to quickly and strategically respond to the most pressing needs of Ukrainians impacted by the war.


Your donation at work

Why our own fundraiser since there are so many?


Many people from abroad were reaching out to us for the most effective way to help in Poland right now. It’s hard to say as the needs are changing dynamically. We are directing this when we see the opportunities off-the-radar of the big organizations.


We have been active members of the EO community. We put our names on the line.


UN officials say the speed of exodus from Ukraine could trigger “biggest refugee crisis this century”. Being on the ground allows us to get first-hand information on how to help refugees. That requires both short- and long-term actions

Where will the money go?

50% instant help

We spot opportunities every-day.

We post them on our dedicated WhatsApp group.

50% long-term plan

Thousands of people are finding temporary accommodation right now. However it’s not sustainable over the long term. Lots of them will eventually need to pay the rent. We think this will become a big issue in a matter of time and we would want to address that.


Dedicated WhatsApp group, 250+ EOers.

We have a dedicated Telegram group for EO members that coordinates help. It’s being shared across different EO chats. Please ask your fellow EO members for access.

Who is behind this?

Dawid Adach

EO Poland President

WhatsApp: +48695608802

Jakub Szalaty

EO Poland Learning Chair

WhatsApp: +48601059553

Szymon Boniecki

EO Poland Founding Board Member

WhatsApp: +48533500120